Final Word

This page is for all the paranoid, reactive, conspiracy wing-nuts, religious zealots and basic dis-empowered victims that cohabitate this planet with me.  

This is about ALL the issues that have been posted on the internet about the Earth Charter being a part of the big bad 'one world' take over of the Illuminati, secret governments, and/or reptilians from another planet with shaky/shady agendas.  

This is the FINAL WORD to all of you in regards to your views and opinions that somehow the Earth Charter is an evil, un-holy, un-democratic, or whatever negative spin you have put on it.  

My first question to you is this:

We all know how the Constitution of the United States has been bastardized, manipulated, and made obsolete over the years since it was adopted right...
So does that mean it should have never been adopted?  

Maybe you might say no, it should have never been adopted, it was corrupt from the get go - which I have heard from the collective I am addressing here and granted the evolution of civil society and 'democracy' may have advanced further with a better Constitution to begin with but regardless this is about 'starting place' which is ALL the Earth Charter is - a place to start.  

Start what?  

Start stewarding our Earth in non-destructive ways and coming together as a human race to build a more just and equitable societies.  

Is global sustainability something you are against?  

Or does your idea of sustainable living only extend to stock piling food and weapons so that you can survive the apocalypse of  whatever nature your demented mind can conjure up?

The internet has allowed the human race for the first time to connect and build new systems and structures yet many people feel the most creative thing they can contribute to our collective effort is to fear monger and spread their paranoid wing-nut views and when I first began seeing posts and websites connecting the Earth Charter with every manner of 'secret society' whistle blowers I wanted to puke.  

Yes the chairman of the Earth Charter drafting committee was a 'Rockefeller' and yes the Rockefeller family has a history with big money and big oil.  Do you really think Steven Rockefeller was drafted by what you believe to be his families big control agenda to spend years helping to draft an 'Earth Charter' that promotes values and principles for a sustainable future?  Have you ever researched at all Mr. Rockefeller's profile on Wikipedia or any other source and saw that the man's humanitarian character and his actions are not at all compatible with that kind of twisted vision of him?  

Yes the Earth Charter had all kinds of 'powerful' people involved with it -are you so brain dead as to refuse to believe that these people may in truth really care about the direction our planet is going, and did you ever consider the possibility that they may have participated out of a deep sense of responsibility?  

I know there is nothing I can say that is going to change your point of view and that is really not my intention.  My intention is to create this page so that it gets indexed next to your bullshit websites by using all the right key words so that innocent people who are simply looking to learn about the Earth Charter have a chance to make an informed choice of whether or not to align with your paranoid views.  

I have walked that path of fear - everyone has with such easy access to 'information' - and I am thankful that I continued to search for the truth instead of setting up camp in Victim Village.  If you found this page and you are a seeker of truth as well please simply READ THE EARTH CHARTER.  None of the idiots who have claimed that the Earth Charter is part of some 'One World Government' have even read the charter.  They are also ignorant to the fact that there is NO WAY it could EVER be used as a legal way for armies to make camp in your town what?...force you to recycle?  

The Earth Charter and its principles was NOT written by a small elite group of control freaks - it was written by hundreds of diverse multi-national people from civil society and the drafting process alone was a demonstration of the miracle of our own species evolution.   

Here is a perfect example of what I am talking about:

The New Gaia World Order
"Freedom of choice and basic individual rights are being sacrificed in the interest of the common good, under the United Nations’ agenda for the 21st century, called Agenda 21. Under the veil of feel-good terms like “sustainable development” and “social equity”, a self-described “new world order” is being systematically implemented around the globe, that is organized around the principle that nature is the most fundamental truth, and which requires all spheres of society to conform to that principle, under the government of a ruling elite (the United Nations and the organizations that support it). 
Note~I am not linking the source article because I am not going to contribute to their search engine status.

If you have found this page after reading some of this kind of crap that I am lambasting please take some time to consider the sources of the disinformation that you may have already absorbed.  

I mean really...making the words 'sustainable development' something to be feared and all this bull crap about the all powerful United Natiions (do your research and you will see the UN is hardly a power house and in fact fell very short of the ideal/mission it was formed for).  

And yes - 'nature' IS the most fundamental truth - like it or not - go stand in a 200 mile wind hurricane and see if throwing money or prayers at it stops it from knocking you 100 feet from your starting place...or easier than that try not drinking for more than 3 days or eating for a week and tell me if your opinions or view points can stop the 'nature' of your body from dehydrating or starving. YOU ARE NATURE - it was Wingnuts like the ones who wrote the above paragraph throughout history that contrived to convince humans that they were not 'natural' and it was the 'agenda' of the Vatican to convince people they were entitled to dominate and control 'nature'...I could go on and on about that subject.  Truth does not require agreement to be true and 'nature' is simply EVERYTHING that is organically born or created from the processes of life force on our planet Earth...which includes humans...duh....

Even IF everything they said WAS true (powerful global elite agendas) then you still have to decide how you are going to respond and contribute to our evolution towards healthy sustainable systems and giving your power away to some lame idea that the Earth Charter is an instrument of control over you is not going to contribute anything.  

When I reasoned it out in my own mind it boiled down to this:  

MY actions based on MY alignment with the values and principles found in the Earth Charter are going to have a major impact on MY life and the future of those who I interact with and influence.   Therefore I have the power to choose my actions in ways that bring the values and principles into living manifestation through the fruits of my own efforts.  It will be those fruits that feed the future - not some fear based paranoid ramblings of some wing-nut that is avoiding the hard cold truth that he/she is just as responsible for the state of our planet as any 'super wealthy elite' or galactic reptile wanting to have 'breakfast in America' is easier to live in a 'us vs them' reactionary victim state than to actually do something to change your world and contribute something of value.  

I have always wondered why the .org Earth Charter movement never spoke about the associations being made online and I thought either they thought 'don't justify it with a response' or they were simply unaware (which would not surprise me) but regardless I am confident that when all is said and done the mentally unstable folks on both sides of the 'us vs them' equation will have to succumb to 'nature is the most fundamental truth' in the inevitable expiration of their biological and 'natural' bodies - yes death and extinction are a part of nature.  And once the extinction processes 'naturally' wave across our little time in history it will be the futures children, who adapted and evolved, who will be using the Earth Charter in the manner it was intended - a simple yet profoundly beautiful instrument of guidance. 

I imagine though that the Earth Charter itself will have changed as well - there will be some things that are no longer even necessary to have written into it because the cultures and peoples who successfully adapt and evolve will being naturally living the 4 Pillars of the Earth Charter - especially the 'Respect and Care for Nature'...

And that's my final word...